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WaT releases PV for their new single

August 26, 2010 @ 6:49 pm
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The promotional video (PV) of WaT's new single "24/7 ~ Mouichido~" has been released. This is WaT's 10th single and is scheduled to go on sale on September 8th. Unlike the previous releases of their refreshing cute imaged songs, this song has a little more of the adult image where Teppei and Wentz are in love with a same girl. As usual, there will be two different editions to the CD release. The limited edition will include a bonus DVD which includes the PV for the track "24/7 ~Mouichido~"

WaT 24_7?????? (PV)
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Track list:

+ DVD of PV 24/7 ~Mouichido~1. 24/7 ~Mouichido~

2. Kimi to iraretara

only CD

1. 24/7 ~Mouichido~

2. Kimi to iraretara

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