Wedding reception of Ichikawa Ebizo and Kobayashi Mao receives highest rating of 26.0%

August 2, 2010 @ 6:43 pm
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The wedding reception of Ichikawa Ebizo (Kabuki actor) and Kobayashi Mao (freelance announcer) was broadcaseted on July 30th, and it received the highest rating coming in at 26.0% (average 18.7%).

The wedding reception was not a live broadcast, but still received very high ratings. One of the reasons why Japanese people love this newly wed couple could be that they took the "right" order of marriage. A lot of celebrity couples get married after the girl gets pregnant nowadays. Moreover, Ebizo was notorious as a player before he started his relationship with Mao. And we all know how interesting it is to watch a man change.

Check out their interview after the wedding here.

Source: Yukan fuji


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