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Akimoto Yasushi to produce a new unit "OJS48"

September 20, 2010 @ 10:05 pm
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A producer of AKB48, Akimoto Yasushi, will make a new unit called "OJS48", which stands for Ojisan 48 (meaning: old man). OJS48 consists of 16 Ojisans, and surprisingly, all members used to either be detectives or police officers.

Their debut song is titled "Shinkokyu (deep breathing)", and it will be released on October 13th. "OJS48" will also hold a free live at a shopping mall in Osaka on October 16th.

Do you think this new "idol" group with average age of 61 will be popular? Well, at the very least it's very original and novel, isn't it?

Source: Oricon Style


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