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Base Ball Bear to stream concert live on Ustream

September 28, 2010 @ 11:48 pm
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Rock band Base Ball Bear will be taking over the Tokyo Shibuya WOMB club on September 29th for their "Jyuujika You and Night" tour, and they want you to tune in for the live on Ustream! The broadcast is scheduled to run for an intense three hours, from 7:30-10:30, via the EMI LIVE CHANNEL.

The duel release of "CYPRESS GIRLS" and "DETECTIVE BOYS" is a very important occasion for the band, and they wanted to do a live concert to commemorate the release. The band also hinted that they may do something extra special at the premiere event, so expectations are running high.

Their official nationwide tour, "TOUR;(Shine on You) Cypress Girls & Detective Boys," is scheduled to start in October. They have already added show dates on November 8th for Kyoto and the 16th at the LIQUIDROOM ebisu. The ebisu live will feature special guests Genki Rockets and OKAMOTO'S.

The concept albums for the "Jyuujika You and Night" concert tour will be released tomorrow.


?Jyuujika You and Night?Ustream

September 29th - 19:30?22:30

Streaming URL?


Check out the PV for "Jyuujika You and Night" below!

Source & Photo: natalie


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