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Posted by Sujin0 pt Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kayo Sato reveals her true self


Fashion model, game presenter, and cosplayer, Kayo Sato (a.k.a Kayo Police), revealed her true gender.

After rumors of the model’s gender persisted, the 22-year-old felt that she needed to come clean…on TV.  She recently announced on a TV show that she is indeed actually a man.  Kayo is popular on Nico Nico as an assistant presenter on the Nico video game show.

Kayo said that she moved away from her hometown so that nobody would recognize her, and then started to live as a woman under a different name. After she moved, Kayo was scouted by a modeling agency and started work as a female model. No one at the agency suspected anything.

Kayo says that she is all natural, so she didn't get plastic surgery to look like she does, and she owes much of her success to her talent in applying make-up. Even though Kayo is really a man, with the current boom of boys crossdressing/cosplaying as their female counterparts, Kayo shouldn’t have a problem staying in her current position. In fact, now that she’s come out, she’ll probably gain more male fans.

Kayo posted on her blog today (9/1 JST):

“To everyone who received my message.

Thank you everyone for the comments.
I have received so much courage from them.

As I said on the show I was born a boy.
I feel really good about being able to tell everyone about my past.

I appreciate you guys giving me this opportunity.

I will continue to work as Kayo Sato and keep moving forward.

I’m really happy that many people have accepted me and my new start.

Thank you all very much.”

Ever since she posted this, she’s received nothing but encouragement and positive feedback from many people.

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Source: Kayo Blog, Nico Nico

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