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Posted by 0 pt Friday, September 17, 2010

'Pokémon Black and White' in-game info, characters leaked!


Whether it was intentional or not, the webmaster of the Spanish Pokémon fansite, 'Pokeexperto', posted on Pokémon sprites and game information for "Black and White" . To view the Pokémon Black and White Sprites and their stats, take a look at Serebii’s page.

Aside from the sprite leaks, in-game information has also been shared in many forums dedicated to the series. Some of the new features include:

The PC will have eight Pokémon storage boxes initially. However, it is implied that once the Elite Four have been defeated and the National Dex is acquired, then more storage will open up.
'Cut', 'Fly', 'Surf', 'Strength', 'Waterfall' and 'Dive' will be the HMs of the game.
The new attack is called 'Troll'. Its main function is to warn fellows about possible dangers by sending out a high pitch vibration.
There will be a total of 11 Gym Leaders in 8 gyms. The Black version will have 'Iris' as its eighth Gym Leader, while the White will have 'Shaga'

<A list of Gym Leaders, Gym Specialties, Badges, and Locations>

1st Gym: Dento, Poddo and Kon – Grass, Fire, Water – Tri Badge – Sanyou City.
2nd Gym: Aloe – Normal – Basic Badge – Shippou City.
3rd Gym: Aati – Bug – Beetle Badge – Hiun City.
4th Gym: Kamitsure – Electric – Bolt Badge – Raimon City.
5th Gym: Yakon – Ground – Quake Badge – Hodomoe City.
6th Gym: Furou – Flying – Jet Badge – Fukiyosa City.
7th Gym: Hachiku – Ice – Icicle Badge – Sekka City.
8th Gym: Iris/Shaga – Dragon – Legend Badge – Souryuu City.

There will be a way to transfer Pokemons from the fourth generation games. All you have to do is to go to Hiun City and tell a certain character these words: "Everyone Happy Easy Communications". This password will activate the “Transfer Machine” which will appear in the main menu. Use the DS Download Play to connect to any 4th generation game on another DS.

'Pokémon Black and White' will be released in Japan tomorrow (September 18th), and will be shipped to North America in Spring of 2011.

Source: Arama They Didn’t

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