AKB48's Akimoto Sayaka caught in an alleged sex scandal

October 13, 2010 @ 10:44 pm
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Weekly magazine "Shukan Bunshun" reported on October 14th that multi-creatorHiroi Ouji (56), visited the apartment ofAKB48 member Akimoto Sayaka on the9th, and stayed overnight.

According to the magazine, Hiroi visited her house 30 minutes after she came back home. After Sayaka's roommate (another AKB48 member) left the house the next day, Sayaka and Hiroi were seen coming out of the apartment, albeit separately. "Shukan Bunshun" asserts that Hiroi visited Sayaka's apartment on the 7th as well.

Known as the creator of the hit games, "Tengai Makyou" and "Sakura Taisen", Hiroi Ouji also produced the musical "AKB Kagekidan". The scandal lies in the fact that Sayaka starred in the AKB48 musical, leading many to speculate if she landed the part in an honest manner.

To tackle this report, Sayaka wrote in her blog, "I'm sorry to make all of you worried. Mr. Hiroi is like an acting teacher to me, and he is also a stage director who I respect. Since he is even older than my father, I did not expect for this kind of thing would happen. I'm sorry." She also wrote that she will discuss the issue personally on radio show "AKB48 no all night Nippon", scheduled for broadcast for the 15th.

Hiroi, on the other hand, responded through an interview with Sanspo. He admitted it was true that he stayed there overnight, but they were just watching a movie together. Hiroi asserted said their relationship does not extend past "teacher and pupil", and there is no way it could ever be love.

Source: Sanspo + Akimoto Sayaka's blog (shared with other 5 members)


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