Ex-Morning Musume member, Kago Ai's new boyfriend is a MEN's NON-NO model?

October 31, 2010 @ 3:13 am
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Gossip magazine, "Shukan Josei" reported that ex-Morning Musume memberKago Ai is dating MEN's NO-NO fashion model, Mikawai Takeshi.

According to "Shukan Josei", they were seen at a cafe, being quite the "love-love" couple. Although Kago tried his best not to stand out, they were recognized anyway. Mikawai is 185cm tall, whereas Kago's height is only 151cm. Naturally, such a height disparity only made onlookers more curious about the couple in the cafe.

"Shukan Josei" also reported that they met each other through an acquaintance, and started getting closer this summer.

The gossip rag asked Kago's agency for an official statement regarding their relationship, and received an answer saying that while it was true that they went on a date, Kago Ai and Mikawai Takeshi are not a couple.

Source: ????Scoop + Shukan Josei


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