Aiba Masaki's drama, "Bartender", now confirmed

November 24, 2010 @ 12:47 am
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We reported on a rumor earlier, that Arashi member, Aiba Maki will star in upcoming drama "Bartender", but now it has been confirmed! "Bartender" is an on-going manga on "SUPER JUMP", a series that started in 2004.

The charcter Sasakura Ryu, which Aiba will be playing is a bartender who is normally a very innocent guy, but once he stands behind the counter, he turns to a genius bartender.

The producer of the drama said that the personality of the character, which she describes as "a man who never betrays", matches well with Aiba's personality, which fans have come to learn during his live concerts and various activities.

Source: Sports Hochi


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