Ex-Johnny's Jr. Igarashi Keiichi to release cross-dressing memoirs in manga format

November 20, 2010 @ 10:28 am
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If you ever encounterIgarashi Nanami, the experiencemay cause you to stop and whisper, "Who is that gorgeous girl?", and he'll overhear you and laugh.

Nanami is the son of famous manga-ka,Igarashi Yumiko (author of "Candy Candy"), and veteran voice actor Inoue Kazuhiko (most recently known for his role as 'Hatake Kakashi' for "Naruto"). While coming from celebrity parents, he was also a bit of a celebrity himself, as he used to be a Johnny's Entertainment Jr. member.

Nanami is a cross-dresser, and he's recently announced that he will release an essay in manga form titled, "Wagahai wa 'Otokonoko (???)' de aru" on November 27th. 'Otokonoko (???)' is a slang term for a pretty boy who dresses up as a girl, and actually does indeed pass off like one. Keep in mind that this is not indicative of their sexual preferences, as cross-dressers can be either straight or gay.

"Wagahai wa 'Otokonoko (???)' de aru" is about Igarashi's daily life as an 'Otokonoko', and some tips on how to apply make-up as expertly as he does. The book also reveals a story in which he enjoyed wearing his girlfriend's clothes and using her cosmetics secretly, but his girlfriend eventually found out about the hobby. What happens remains hidden in the pages of the publication.

He's quite charming, while he's donning both his 'Otokonoko' persona and with his au natural face. We'd definitely pick up a copy if we could!

Source: Cinema today


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