Hoshino Aki has yet to bridle race jockey Miura Kousei

November 14, 2010 @ 11:21 am
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ModelHoshino Aki (33) and race jockey Miura Kousei (2o) were reportedly the next celebrity couple lining up for the marriage race, but it appears that they both pulled out prematurely.

Rumors swirled that the couple were planning to wed on March 14th, which would have made the wedding a triple-crown event, since March 14th is also White Day and Hoshino's birthday. Yet representatives from both their agencies have denied the wedding rumors, citing that marriage is a plan that still remains far off for them.

Hoshino's management stated that while she's quite happy with Miura and that she does indeed hope to get married one day, it will not be on White Day. Miura, in the meantime, has also declared that he wanted to develop his career more, and attain at least a Grade 1 level win before he settled down.

If you're wondering how a couple with such a vast age gap managed to get together, Miura was called in as a last-minute rider for a horse named after the star. Hoshino Aki was naturally at the event, and the two bumped into each other there.

Although Hoshino grabbed herself a stallion, it looks like he's still too young to be broken in yet.


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