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KARA performs "JUMPING" on MUSIC STATION + talk with Perfume

November 19, 2010 @ 3:57 pm
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As previously announced on tokyohive, KARA appeared on the November 19th episode of MUSIC STATION to perform their song, "JUMPING".

Another guest on the show, 2010 MAMA performer, Perfume, was there with KARA, and prior to the show they chatted with each other and had a fun little moment together.

Check out video of the talk, along with a brief translation, and the performance below!

KARA + Perfume Talk

Not a whole lot going on here, but basically, KARA asks Perfume how to dance to Perfume's song, "Nee", and Perfume asks KARA how to dance to KARA's song, "Mister". Afterwards, they giggle a lot and then do each other's dances in a funny moment.


Other performances from MUSIC STATION are coming as soon as we find/get them, so please be patient!

Thanks to chris2l40 for the tip!


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