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Posted by CM1 pt Thursday, November 4, 2010

[UPDATE: Tanaka Reina And Kamei Eri Apologize] Michishige Sayumi apologizes for controversial blog pictures


On November 1st, three Morning Musume members caused a bit of a controversy by posting a few choice photos on a personal blog.

The pictures of members Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina,and Michishige Sayumi mimicking "Asian eyes" were posted on Reina's personal blog, and along with the pictures, Reina added, "They say they're Korean, but how? This is kind of what the image of Koreans is to Eri. It's the boom of Koreans lately."

Regarding this matter, on November 4th, Sayumi posted an apology up on her personal blog.

In her entry, she posted, They were short on thought and did something that might have offended people. I want to sincerely apologize to those that have been offended. I will be careful to not cause something like this in the future. Im sorry.

Update 1: Tanaka Reina has also recently made an apology. In an entry on November 4th, she writes, "At the time I put an inappropriate expression in my blog, it made people uncomfortable, and that is inexcusable. From now on I will not make such entries. Thank you for your support."

I'm sure this won't put the issue to rest for some, but hopefully it can help most move on relatively amicably.

Update 2: Kamei Eri doesn't have a blog, so she wrote her apology on Tanaka Reina's blog. In an entry on November 5th, she says, "I want to apologize about what happened. My improper actions were because of my immaturity. There were people who were hurt because of this. I've really caused a mess. I'm sorry. We regret what we have done, and we will be careful not to do this again going forward. I'm really sorry."

All three members involved in this incident have now apologized.

Source: Nate / Michishige Sayumi Blog / Tanaka Reina Blog

Photo: Nate

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