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Ayumi Hamasaki's "Love song (Acapella version)" released exclusively on mu-mo

December 27, 2010 @ 9:42 am
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Ayumi Hamasaki gave fans a delightful Christmas present on December 22nd with the release of her 12th studio album, "Love songs". The pop queen must've deemed that the album wasn't enough, as she made a surprise announcement of an acapella track being made available through Avex-based shop, 'mu-mo'.

The online shop, which has the entire album available for about 200 ($2 USD) per track, will also feature an acapella version of Ayu's "Love Song". With the music removed, fans can hear their idol's strong vocals and personal flair.

mu-mo has also geared up for the singer's countdown live, "Ayumi Hamasaki Countdown Live 2010-2011 A ~do it again~", by providing a variety of concert goods for sale. Additionally, they've got a number of exclusive remixes and variations of songs from over the years, including an acapella of Ayu's popular song, "Who...".

Source: natalie, mu-mo


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