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Sakai Masaaki & Fujiwara Norika to host "Japan Record Awards"

December 13, 2010 @ 9:32 pm
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On December 13th, it was announced that Sakai Masaaki and Fujiwara Norika will be the hosts for "The 52nd Japan Record Awards." This award show will air live on December 30th on TV station TBS. Sakai has been the host for the show for 15 years in a row, while this will be the 2nd time for Fujiwara to be chosen as a host as Fujiwara hosted last year.

At the press conference, both Sakai and Fujiwara, and the awards winners attended. The award winners included AAA, Uemura Kana, w-inds., Mizumori Kaori, GIRL NEXT DOOR, Sakura Maya, ICONIQ, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, S/mileage, and Nakamura Ataru.

The grand prize, "Japan Record Award", "Best Song," and "Best New Artist" will be announced during the live broadcast on the 30th. Check out our previous post for the winners of the various awards.


Source & Photo: Oricon style


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