Trial begins for Onitsuka Chihiro's assault case

December 17, 2010 @ 6:11 am
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SingerOnitsuka Chihiro was attacked by her boyfriend, Komiya Yusuke, in their shared apartment back in September, and the trial for the assault case finally began on December 16th at a Tokyo district courthouse. The details delivered by the prosecutor's opening statement are nothing short of shocking.

Onitsuka and the defendant started dating in the beginning of August, and he soon moved into her apartment. On August 18th, Komiya returned home after staying out all-night drinking. Onitsuka was sleeping, but he forced her awake and then struck her across the face. The prosecutor explained that Onitsuka returned the blow, causing Komiya to become furious with her. He reacted in an increasingly violent manner, as he deliberately poked her in the eyes with his fingers, kicked her in the side, and also flung her facedown on the floor.

Onitsuka was left with some broken ribs, a left orbital floor fracture, as well as other injuries which took about a month to heal.

The defendant explained that he only slapped her once, and that her injuries could have been from when she fell down. Komiya has 5 criminal records.

The prosecutor read Onitsuka's testimony that because of the assault, she can no longer trust men, and is even scared to go near them.

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