AKB48's new sub unit "Not yet" to sing for upcoming drama

January 24, 2011 @ 7:10 pm
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A press conference for the upcoming drama "Dr. Irabu Ichiro" starring Tokushige Satoshi, was held on January 24th in Tokyo. At the press conference, AKB48's new sub unit "Not yet" who will sing the theme song "Shuumatsu Not yet" (their debut song) for the drama, also made an appearance and performed the song. The cast members showed great excitement to see "Not yet"s performance, especially, Tokushige stating, "I thought they were very cute and innocent in the beginning, but when they perform, they also have an aura of powerfulness to them. I'm really glad they sing the theme song for the drama."

"Dr. Irabu Ichiro" is the drama adaption of popular novelist, Okuda Hideo's "Dr. Irabu" series, and is the first drama for Tokushige as a lead star. The drama will be about an unusualpsychiatrist, Irabu Ihiro, and his unique patients. Other cast members are Yo Kimiko and Hara Mikie with the drama set to begin airing on January 30th through TV Asahi.

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