Are Ueto Aya and EXILE's HIRO living together?

January 6, 2011 @ 2:07 am
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Tabloid magazine "FRIDAY" has revealed a new development in theunofficial relationship between actress Ueto Aya (25) and EXILE's leader HIRO (41).

The infamous weekly tabloid has updated their readers with some photos documenting Aya's frequent visits to Hiro's apartment. Furthermore, they've discovered that Ueto has recently moved into the same apartment complex as Hiro, which would consequently make it easier for her to drop by his place.

Her agency was quick to deny the rumors of the stars living together, as they've said:"It is true that our agency has rented this room, but that doesn't mean that Ueto herself is going to be living there. Other talents from our agency can use it as well." They concluded with the standard comment when pressed about Aya's rumored relationship with the singer: "We wholly leave private matters to the individual concerned."

HIRO's agency, on the other hand, has made a comment to the press that left a lot of room for speculation. "Both of them are supporting each other in various ways, and they are both in positions with a certain social responsibility. We would like to make an official statement as soon as we have prepared all the necessary information. We hope that you will be so kind to oblige us and watch over us until then."

Hiro's agency ended up creating a new rumor about a possible engagement and upcoming marriage, just by stating that they needed more time to prepare an official statement in regards to their relationship. Of course, everyone could be jumping the gun by inferring too much from the comment, but then again, HIRO's agency could have made a neutral statement just like Ueto's agency if the rumors were absolutely untrue.

What do you think? Could we finally be getting an official statement, and maybe even a marriage announcement this year?

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