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Ayase Haruka is a Valentine Queen who is still looking for a King

January 28, 2011 @ 7:49 am
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On January 27th, actress Ayase Haruka attended an event in Tokyo to receive her "Valentine Queen Award 2011".

Oricon Style recently did a survey related to Valentine's Day, and Ayase won in two categories: "The Most Shining Actress Right Now" and "Favorite Actress".

She looked back at her Valentine's Day memories and said, "During my school days, my friends and I only made chocolate to exchange it within our group."

Additionally, she revealed that she is still looking for her Valentine. She was careful not to say anything wrong, as people easily tend to create love rumors out of nothing. "There is nobody I could give my chocolate. I would immediately give it if there was a person that would make me feel like it, but that person hasn't appeared yet."

Seems like the Queen is lonely and needs a King, any volunteers?

Source: Sanspo


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