Choi Ji Woo to make a guest appearance in winter drama, "Fuyu no Sakura"

January 9, 2011 @ 5:49 am
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Today it has been announced that South Korean actress Choi Ji Woo is going to make a guest appearance in Kusanagi Tsuyoshi's upcoming drama, "Fuyu no Sakura" (TBS).

The drama is a sad love story about a man (Kusanagi) who helps a woman (Imai Miki) after a car accident that left her with a loss of memory, and he eventually falls in love with her. Later, they find out that she is actually married and has a daughter.

It has already been five years since Choi Ji Woo's last Japanese drama, "RONDO" (2006), in which she had a starring role. She stated that the reason for her guest appearance simply is the fact that,"It is a drama starring Kusanagi".

The actor, who is fluent in Korean, was glad about the addition as well, and said, "Since there is going to be Choi Ji Woo, it's going become an even better drama."

Due to Choi Ji Woo's long absence from Japanese productions, her Japanese was a bit rusty and she had to confirm her intonation with the staff a couple of times. She said, "It's been a while since I've spoken Japanese in front of the camera, so I was a bit nervous." Further she added, "The filming was a lot of fun and I'm glad that I have been able to meet the director and staff from my earlier productions again."

About the drama, she said, "It's a great love story with a lot of heartrending scenes and I hope it is going to receive a lot of love. I would be happy if I could receive some love as well."

Kusanagi's comment about Choi Ji Woo's involvement: "I'm glad that I've been able to work together with Choi Ji Woo this time. I've always thought about ways to increase the interaction between the Japanese and South Korean media. The cast, the staff, and I are really happy about this opportunity. Choi Ji Woo and I have already promised to work together in the near future again."

"Fuyu no Sakura" is also going to feature the young actors Sato Takeru and Kato Rosa, as well as Takashima Masanobu.

The first episode will air on January 16th. Choi Ji Woo's guest appearance is going to happen within the first three episodes.

Source: Oricon


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