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Dance unit Happiness announces major debut single, "Kiss Me"

January 15, 2011 @ 4:48 pm
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Happiness, a dance unit made up of six middle school aged girls, is finally ready to make their major label debut, with the single "Kiss Me", on February 9th.

The group has close ties with the male idols,EXILE, and served as their backup dancers on their recent dome tour, and they also appeared in the 2009 Mister Donuts CM. Happiness' debut song is being described as a love ballad perfect for Valentine's Day.

Happiness will be releasing the single in first edition limited CD, first edition limited CD + DVD, and CD regular forms. The limited edition CD will come with a special crystal ball collab tote bag - a very popular item among trendy women. The limited edition CD + DVD version will come with a bonus track of "Happy Talk," their Mister Donuts CM song, and the music video for the title track. The CD regular will also come with the Mister Donuts theme.

CD Regular

Limited CD + DVD

Limited DVD

Source & Photos : natalie / Happiness Official


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