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Imai Tsubasa to navigate NHK's Spanish educational program

January 20, 2011 @ 3:15 pm
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Tackey & Tsubasa's Imai Tsubasa, who is currently on his solo tour, "TSUBASA IMAI LHTOUR 2011 Dance&Rock Third Floor ? DiVeIN to SExaLiVe", held a live concert at Akasaka BLITZ in Tokyo. Imai performed total 23 songs, including new song, "Vamos ala", which Imai wrote himself in Spanish.

Additionally, Imai announced that he will be the navigator of NHK's language educational program, "TV de Spanish", which will start airing on March 31st. Imai has started getting into the charm of Spain ever since he started learning Flamenco in 2007, as he showed at the live when he entertained the audience with his Flamenco flavor. As for Spain, Imai has visited eight times already, and he said, "Since I love soccer in Spain, I want to learn Spanish good enough to interview the players." Imai also said that he would like to hold live concert in Spain as "Tackey & Tsubasa" some day.

The program will broadcast for six months, and his solo live tour will continue until onFebruary6th in Osaka.

The schedule for the tour can be checked here.

Source: Sports Hochi + Sanspo


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