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Kusumi Koharu and Lilpri blog about the World Hobby Fair

January 23, 2011 @ 10:02 am
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We previously reported on tokyohive that S/mileage sub-unit, 'LilPri',would be attending the World Hobby Fair. Well the event wrapped up its first official day, and the celebrity attendants updated their blogs with happy reflections from the convention!

Lilpri memberFukuda Kanon blogged, "Today, Lilpri went out and performed at the World Hobby Fair. The place where they were holding the WHF was huuuuuuge! Makuhari Messe seemed so alive! I thought, 'I'll do my best!' because of that."Wada Ayaka, her fellow LilPri member, also included a picture of the LilPri trio on her blog.

Ex-Morning Musume memberKusumi Koharu was also at the World Hobby Fair to promote the show, "Oha Star", a popular children's show that she's currently a regular on. Koharuwrote, "Today at Makuhari, I came on-stage for Oha Star. I've been working my hardest since last year, so I'm showing just how much I've practiced on the Oha Star stage. I'm trying my best every day! Look forward to it!" In a second blog entry, she thanked everyone for coming and posted pictures of herself standing next to her fellow cast members on Oha Star.

Check out the pictures they took of the event below!


Source: Kusumi Koharu's Official Blog 1 +2, Fukuda Kanon's Official Blog, Wada Ayaka's Official Blog


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