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May J. to release a new album, "Colors"

January 11, 2011 @ 3:46 pm
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R&B vocalist May J. is set to release her new album, "Colors", on January 26th.

The album features a large amount of collaborations with other Japanese urban artists. Rapper Zeebra will be working with Nanba Akihiro on the track "ONE MORE KISS", and the song was produced and written by Kubota Toshinobu, who wrote the lyrics and chorus to the 2010 year-end NHK charity image song, "Kimi no Tonarini." Other participants will be RYO the SKYWALKER, Urata Naoya (AAA), WISE, and KG.

The album will be available in the standard CD regular and DVD limited edition. The limited edition comes with clips from her first national tour at the SHIBUYA-AX stop. It will feature five videos from the tour, including a special live of "Garden" featuring DJ KAORI, Diggy-MO, Clench & Blistah.

DVD Limited

CD Regular


May J.?Colors?Track List


01. ONE MORE KISS / May J.ZeebraNanba Akihiro

02. FYI

03. Say my name feat. KG

04. Kimi no tonari ni

05. Step by Step feat. WISE

06. Shiny Sky

07. Super Star

08. Colors

09. One in a million

10. My Pride

11. Every Single Day feat. URATA NAOYA?AAA?

12. Ano hi ga Aru kara feat. RYO the SKYWALKER

-Bonus Track-

13. ONE MORE KISS / May J.ZeebraNanba Akihiro -DJ WATARAI remix-


01. ONE MORE KISS / May J.ZeebraNanba Akihiro -Music Video-

02. Ano Hi ga Arukara feat. RYO the SKYWALKER -Music Video-

03. Shiny Sky -Music Video-

04. ?May J. Tour 2010 ?LIVE for you??Special Movie -2010.5.23 Tokyo?SHIBUYA-AX-

Scene1. Garden (CLASSIC HOUSE ANTHEM) -English ver.- / May J.DAISHI DANCE ?DO tha' DO tha'?HERE WE GO?Medley?

Scene2. Be mine ?Kimi ga suki dayo?

Scene3. Tabitsukimini

Scene4. Sing for you / May J.MAY'S

Scene5. Garden feat. DJ KAORI, Diggy-MO', Clench & Blistah

Source & Photos : natalie


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