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Narimiya Hiroki to star in stage performance after four years away

January 11, 2011 @ 1:04 pm
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Actor Narimiya Hiroki will be making his theatrical stage appearance in July, performing for "Taiyou ni Yakarete" (Burnt By the Sun) (directed by Kuriyama Tamiya), which will be the first stage adaption in Japan.

"I've been acting for eleven years, but being on stage is a necessary step for me at this point (in my career)", said Narimiya, who will return to stage after a four year hiatus. Joining him in the play will be Kaga Takeshi, who will co-star as the main villain. Additionally, Narimiya will also take on the challenge of giving his first piano performance during the theatrical play.

The play is based off the 1994 film 'Burnt By the Sun', which won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix, and the 2009 stage adaptation in London, which received high praise and acclaim. The story is a human drama set in the 1930s that depicts the tragic lifestyle of men and women in hard times after the "Great Purge of Stalin".

This will be the first play for Narimiya after co-starring with Oguri Shun in "Oki ni Mesu Mama" (As You Like It) in 2007. "It wasn't that long ago maybe, that I was thinking of staying back from the stage for a while", said Narimiya who went on to say that it was the strong support of his fans that made him decide to come back.

"For me, at this point, I think being back on stage is where I naturally see myself progressing (in my career)." Narimiya was also very interested in Kuriyama's work as well as the original film, Burnt by the Sun, which also influenced to make his comeback to stage. Narimiya also praised working head-to-head against co-actor Kaga on stage. "He has an elegant presence about him, like a flower, but at the same time he can be a very bold, forceful person."

Planning/Organizational producer, Kaziyama Yuzou of Horipro, spoke of Narimiya's role as 'Mitya' in the play. "Mitya is a lonely pianist who walks about life quite the buffoon, until finally at the end exploding in a sense of madness", said Kaziyama. "I felt only Narimiya could take on such a role of being able to hold in all the shadows of human emotions." With regards to Mitya's arch-nemesis who seeks revenge, a Russian revolutionary and hero, commander 'Kotov' --played by Kaga, Kaziyama said, "I expect him make the audience quake with fear, in his transformation to a terrifying, cold-blooded man."

The stage performance of Taiyou ni Yakarete will debut at Tokyo's Tennozu Galaxy Theater onJuly 24th and continue on until August 9th, after which it will then move to other regions of the country.

Source: Oricon


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