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Former X JAPAN member, TAIJI, to promote in Korea

February 26, 2011 @ 4:43 am
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Former bassist of X JAPAN, TAIJI, created his own rock band in 2004, called TAIJI with HEAVENS. The group has just signed a contract with Koreas Frontman-group and is planning on starting full blown activities in Korea.

The band held a live last year in Korea after receiving a tempting offer, and with that as a start, they are planning to appear on TV, hold live events, and advance into Koreas rock scene. TAIJI with HEAVENS plans on having concerts, TV appearances, autograph sessions at fan meetings, and talk shows in 2011.

The band will be performing at the Japan-Korea ROCK concert in Seoul on March 19th, called Rock Dog Korea. TAIJI plans on showing off a re-arranged version of his famous song, Voiceless Screaming, from his X JAPAN days, as well as new songs.

Source: Oricon


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