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Fujimoto Miki gets a birthday surprise from saita

February 18, 2011 @ 6:17 pm
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Earlier today, Fujimoto Miki participated in a photo shoot for saita magazine. She had worked very hard and stated that she's looking forward to how the shoot will turn out.

However, as soon as she finished shooting she heard the song Happy Birthday from the staff as they brought her out a delicious cake.

Fujimoto turns 26 on February 26th and she blogged, Its a little bit early, but the staff congratulated me. They brought me presents and a cake. The cake had a picture of Fujimotos face and saitas logo with a cute bunny on it.

She ended her entry, The staff always congratulates me. It was really lovely. Thank you so much. Please continue looking after me in the future <3

Source: Fujimoto Miki's Official Blog


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