"Koukou Debut" to have a spin-off mobile drama

February 19, 2011 @ 2:13 pm
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Popular movie "Koukou Debut" will be receiving its own spin-off series in the form of a mobile drama!

The spin-off will be titled,"Koukou Debut ~Debut Chokusen Shuuchuukougi~", and will release a total of five episodes. The first of the five-minute episodes will be available for viewing on the drama's official website on March 4th, but from the second episode on, viewers must download the drama onto participating phones in order to promote a new kind of distribution for dramas. All episodes are free of charge.

"Koukou Debut" is based on Kawahara Kazune's shoujo manga series of the same name. This time around, the plot will focus on the fresh start that spring provides Nagashima Haruna, who wants to fall in love and become popular.

Actor Mizobata Junpei will play the cool ladykiller Komiyama You, the main character's "love coach," while AKB48 member Miyazawa Sae will play the part of Takahashi Mami, the main character's best friend. Some themes from the spin-off drama will include heartbreak, making the best of an ordinary opportunity, and convincing a boy to fall in love with you.

Make sure to check out this upcoming mobile drama when it "debuts" on March 4th!

Source: Oricon


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