151 former students to return for "Kinpachi Sensei" finale

March 7, 2011 @ 8:23 am
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We told you back in January that Takeda Tetsuya's iconic drama "Kinpachi Sensei" will end its 32-year, 8-season run with a special drama. It has now been revealed that a total of 151 "graduates" will be making an appearance in the finale.

Since the 1st season in 1979, 239 students have graduated from Kinpachi-sensei's class. In the special drama, 151 actors who played students in the 8 seasons will return to portray their characters again, including 46-year-old singer Kondo Masahiko, who made his debut in the first season.

The final episode will focus on Kinpachi-sensei's struggle with a delinquent student played by Hey!Say!JUMP!'s Okamoto Keito. In one scene, Kondo's character tells Okamoto's, "If you do something to trouble Kinpachi-san, we (the former graduates) won't stand for it."

Kondo showed his love for Kinpachi-sensei, commenting, "I'm sad that 'Kinpachi' will end, but Kinpachi-sensei is getting old, so we have to let him graduate... He symbolizes Japan's ideal teacher, and [Takeda] had to work for 32 years with that pressure. I want him to relax now that the pressure is gone."

Fans of the Kinpachi series can see what became of their favorite characters in the 4-hour finale, which will air from 7 PM to 11 PM JST on March 27th. The last scene will feature all 151 students attending Kinpachi-sensei's "graduation".

Source: Sanspo 1 &2


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