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Akanishi Jin's brother Fuuta to star in "The Three Musketeers"

March 7, 2011 @ 2:37 am
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Akanishi Jins (26) little brother Fuuta (23) has been picked up to play the lead role of dArtagnan in The Three Musketeers musical at Nissay Theater.

Fuuta wanted to follow in his brothers footsteps, and so he entered the entertainment industry at 16 years old. Unfortunately, he wasnt given much of a chance until three years ago, when Fuuta debuted in the play Hikoukigumo ("Vapor Trail"). He also landed a small role in the 2010 movie, Sakuradamon-gai no Hen.

Fuuta's determination to follow through with his dream eventually drove him to audition for The Three Musketeers. He sought a role as a member of the ensemble, but his movements and singing skills caught the eyes of the directors, and he was awarded the lead role.

Reflecting over his casting reaction, Fuuta expressed, "I was so surprised. Im going to do my very best at singing, dancing and sword fight training. I want this to be a great performance.

It was revealed that his brother, Jin, has also gone to support him at the theatre. Fuuta explained, When I had the role of being a member of a kamikaze squad for a play. Jin told me, Everyone cried!. In our private lives were really close,and its reassuring to enter the same world of show business that my big brother is in.

Fuuta has always been a fan of Hollywood movies, and wanted to become an actor. With Jin advancing to the States, it inspired Fuuta to expound on his own dreams. I want to do a movie sometime in the future, and not just in Japan - I want to try and do it in Hollywood. My English isnt as good as my brothers, but Im studying.

Fuuta will be co-starring with Sato Hiromichi and Hoshina Yuri, and his play will begin sometime in July.

Source: Nikkan Sports


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