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Ayumi Hamasaki & Koda Kumi leave messages for Japan

March 17, 2011 @ 8:17 am
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Avex artists Hamasaki Ayumi and Koda Kumi have both released messages regarding last week's Tohoku earthquake. Also, on March 17th, Hamasaki Ayumi, in collaboration with ViVi, will start selling charity T-shirts through Avex's mu-mo shop.

Ayumi sends out her deepest sympathies to the victims of the Tohoku earthquake, and she is thankful that everyone is being strong and working together. Because of that attitude, Japan has a bright future.

Koda Kumi also sends her deepest sympathies to the victims, and although things are strenous, she believes that even if there is fear and anxiety, it's a battle that they (the Japanese) have to bear and go through. "It's an unfortunate reality that really wrings the heart," said Kumi, and that, "Even though it happened, none of us are alone, so everything will be OK."

For her, she believes that each and every one of them are connected through their hearts, and that everybody needs to keep fighting. She says even right now, family, friends, that special someone, everyone is holding hands to save each other. Also, the only thing she can do right now is sing and hope it helps heal some of the anxiety and sadness.

"I hope that my songs reach everyone," she said. "So that it brings a smile to everyone's hearts."

Source: Oricon


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