Fuji TV donates more than 12 million USD to the Japanese Red Cross

March 25, 2011 @ 1:26 pm
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[caption id="attachment_138573" align="aligncenter" width="420" caption="FNS President - Toyoda Kou (left)"][/caption]

Today, the president of the Fuji Network System (FNS), Toyoda Kou, handed over the money the network was able to gather through their "Fuji Network Foundation" to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

The network that consists of Fuji TV and 27 other companies established the foundation on March 13th, and since then they have been able to gather more than 1 billion Yen (12.3 million USD).

He commented, "Including the 100 million Yen from the 28 companies of FNS, we have actually surpassed 1 billion with our foundation. I hope this money will be helpful for all those people who need it to rebuild their homes."

On the 21st, the network also started a campaign called "Hitotsu ni Narou Nihon" where people are able to directly donate to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Source: Sanspo


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