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Posted by kurumi0 pt Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GACKT holds surprise live at a high school graduation


On March 1st, popular singer GACKT attended the graduation ceremony of Nagoya International High School and gave a special surprise live.

At the very end of the ceremony, GACKT suddenly appeared on stage and made the students burst into a tremendous cheer. Amidst all of the excitement, the legendary singer-songwriter announced, "I want to award you all with this song. Please walk (into) the future with the message of this song engraved into your heart," he then began singing his 2007 hit, "No ni Saku Hana no You ni".

"Your senior (at school), who has been walking the path just before you, has these words to convey to you," GACKT continued once he wrapped up his performance. "Dreams aren't things you see. Dreams are things that can come true. Stick to your strong intentions and they will come true. Have hope in your futures. Congratulations on graduating." A huge cheer went up from the crowd of graduating seniors, who were moved by his belief that anything can happen if you truly believe in it.

Since this event is the fifth time that he has performed at a graduation ceremony, GACKT revealed why the events were personally important to him. "When I thought about how many people I could support (by doing this), even though they may be small in scale, I want to sing at as many middle school and high school graduations as I can every single year and send off these children who will be walking (toward) their new futures with a shout. Even if I can't convey that feeling to everyone there, if I can make a few people feel me pressing them to focus on their dreams... I think that feeling is utterly unforgettable... The feelings I sing about don't change."

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