Goto Maki's brother to become an AV actor!?

March 5, 2011 @ 11:00 pm
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Rumors are spreading that Goto Makis younger brother, Goto Yuki, is set to debut under AV label MUTEKI as an AV actor. Authorized people commented, It will be the number one special project this year.

Yuki had his CD debut in 2000 as a member of EE JUMP with his partner Sonim. He became known due to the backing of his sister, Goto Maki, who was Morning Musumes center at that time. Soon after, he began canceling his jobs last-minute and FRIDAY even caught him at a cabaret club as a minor having a bit too much fun. Due to such issues, he finally retired from the world of show business.

In 2007, Yuki was arrested for stealing copper wire from a construction site and society was shocked as they realized the cute baby-faced boy they once knew had all but disappeared. At the end of that same year he was arrested again for assaulting a security guard at that same construction site. Yuki was later sentenced to a lengthy term in prison. In January of 2010, Yukis mother, Goto Takiko, passed away after falling from the third story window of her home; Yuki had to find out about this while in prison.

Goto Yuki is scheduled to be released from prison later this year and the MUTEKI staff are trying their best to recruit him for an AV once he's released.

An talk and variety show editor said, The MUTEKI staff has been keeping in frequent contact with Yuki to make plans. Since things are still in the middle of being discussed, we dont know any official details. However, Yuki is also open to doing this and it's highly probable that as soon as he is released from prison they will begin shooting.

Meanwhile, an AV director mused, We release good-looking actor AV works that are geared toward women, but its hard to call them a success. For an AV, if it doesnt sell well, then its not significant. For example, if Yuki is submissive to a gay actor or to a perverted woman, there are only a handful of people who would enjoy that niche. When thinking about it, the content that would be the most favorable would be for Yuki to intertwine with a girl who is the splitting image of Goto Maki."

Source: Cyzo Woman


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