Imai Tsubasa wants to act with Penelope Cruz and teach Tackey Spanish

March 9, 2011 @ 11:23 am
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On March 8th, Tackey & Tsubasa's Imai Tsubasa (29) attended a press conference for the upcoming NHK Spanish program "Terebi de Spain-go", for which he is the navigator. This is the first time a talent from Johnny & Associates will appear on a foreign language educational program.

Imai commented, "I want to appear in a Spanish film one day and co-star with Penelope Cruz." When asked what kind of role he would like to play, he replied, "If I'm greedy, I'd say the role of her lover. But I think the entire world would tell me 'that's unrealistic', so anything from her son to her neighbor."

Imai also had plans to use his experience from the show within his group, stating, "My partner Takizawa (Hideaki) is a pro wrestling fan and has an interest in Mexico, so I'm going to slowly teach him Spanish so that we can aim to become Johnny's first Spanish-speaking group."

"Terebi de Spain-go" will start its weekly broadcast on March 31st.

Source: Nikkan Sports


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