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Posted by peachsoda0 pt Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is a second marriage near? Utada Hikaru goes on a romantic getaway with ex-love!


As announced in August of last year, Utada Hikaru (28) is currently on break from her activities as an artist. The reason for this hiatus as she explained, "Because I started my activities as an artist at the age of 15, there's a part of me which has never really grown up. It's an important part of me as a person," and she has announced that from now on she wants to devote herself to "activities as a human being". However, it is said that in the shadow of this announcement that there has been friction with her staff, as well as emotional instability from Utada herself.

Moreover, it's being said that there may be another hidden reason: reconciliation with her ex-boyfriend.

In September of 2009, Utada's relationship with artist Fukuda Tenjin, 8 years her senior, as well as the fact they were half living together, was made public, but the following year they split up. At that time, Fukuda's source of income was vague, and because he was an unknown, harsh reports such as, "His main occupation isn't art; it's working as a masseuse out of his parents' house" and "He's still getting an allowance from his parents" were rampant. The uneven status between the two was said to be reason enough for them to split up, but have they gotten back together in secret?

"One of the reasons she said last summer that she wanted to devote herself to 'activities as a human being' seems to be that she wished to spend time just being a normal couple with her boyfriend. He and Utada are both 'artists,' but in that arena she's too far above him. The gap between the unknown artist and his girlfriend who sold 9 million copies of her hit album is too great. Because of that, she wanted to get rid of that categorization and love him like an ordinary woman. Her former spouse Kiriya Kazuaki was also just a cameraman at the beginning of their relationship, but after becoming her husband, his work as an artist took off and their differences in opinion increased. She doesn't want to fall into the same pattern this time," said one entertainment reporter.

Utada and Fukuda seem to be getting along well at the moment, as the March 8th edition of Josei Jishin broke the news of their romantic getaway in Izu. The two are currently living together in an apartment in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and according to the neighbors, "You can often see the two of them bike riding together."

According to the article, on the morning of March 1st, the two were seen leaving their shared apartment headed in the direction of Tokyo Station. They boarded the "Super View Dancer" train headed for Shimoda, at the southern tip of Izu Peninsula. In fact, at this time of year, there is a type of cherry blossom called "Kawazuzakura" which blooms earlier than others, and it's the best season for early flower viewing.

It seems as though Utada and her boyfriend enjoyed seeing the cherry blossoms. Furthermore, it is said that the two met up with Fukuda's father at Shimoda Station. It may be that his father has already recognized her as his "daughter."

Utada seems to be fully enjoying her life as a normal person rather than as a singer. Even though she is nearing 30, at this rate the chances of her remarrying are still high. It is strongly hoped she will be able to build a happy home this time.

Source & Photo: Men's Cyzo

Photo: Josei Jishin

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