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Kiryu's bassist trying to find other J-rock families

March 13, 2011 @ 9:53 pm
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Many of you know that due to the devastating Tohoku Pacific Ocean earthquake and tsunami, many families in Japan have been separated.

Visual kei band Kiryus bassist Hiyori has blogged that a few members from other bands havent been able to reach their families. These people are MoNoLiths Takafumi and Wizards kaito. Wanting to help in the search, Hiyori writes:
If you have any news, even if its trivial, please let us know (><;)

Lets help each other in these times!!

>Tohoku band MoNoLiths Takafumi currently hasnt found his mother. Please spread this news around! [Spread this news please] We havent been able to make contact with Konno Keiko (????) of Namie city in Futaba district of Fukushima prefecture. If you know that she is safe, please let us know. When I went to Namie for information, I asked her co-worker Suzuki and they said that her last known whereabouts were on the 11th at 16:30 at Minamisoma city in Odaka district of Fukushima prefecture. Please send this out through Twitter, mixi or anywhere. > My dad, grandmother, little sister and Toki are all safe.>

>Wizards vocalist kaito has not heard if his family is safe or not. Here is the information from kaitos blog >-------------> I still havent heard about the safety of my family. Please post this on Twitter or if you want to blog it or send a mail magazine thats okay too. Just please send this out. [Please send this] I havent been able to reach Saito Yasuhiro (????), Saito Mayumi (?????) or Torii Shiho (????) and I dont know if theyre safe, they live in Yamada city and Kawamukai city in Iwate prefecture. Theyre both my parents and my little sister. People who are taking refuge in Yamada city, please let me know if my family is safe. Please. [Wizard kaito]>

You can help with the efforts by donating to various organizations in your own countries, check out how here.

Source: Hiyori's Official Blog

Thanks to Ren for the tip.


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