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No Sleeves holds surprise graduation ceremony for Minegishi Minami

March 3, 2011 @ 2:52 am
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To celebrate the release of their latest single "Answer" and the upcoming high school graduation of AKB48 member Minegishi Minami, No Sleeves held a special "surprise graduation ceremony" on March 2nd.

The event was hosted at theSHIBUYA-AX in Tokyo, with approximately 1,000 fans in attendance. Comedian Sakuradzuka Yakkun, monomane talent Holly, and female entertainment group Ayaman JAPAN also participated in the event to congratulate Minegishi on her graduation. The other two members of No Sleeves - Kojima Haruna and Takahashi Minami - came together and created their own diploma, which was then presented to Minegishi at the ceremony. "This is such an amazing graduation ceremony you've opened up for me, I'm so moved," the graduating senior said with a smile.

Takahashi had previously attended Minegishi's middle school graduation and seemed a bit emotional about watching her fellow AKB48/No Sleeves member grow up. "[Time's passed] in just a blink of the eye. Mii-chan has both an adult side and a child side to her... She's a strong girl who tells me 'Say thank you!' when I beat her at a game and apologizes (by saying) 'excuse me'," the idol reflected through the tears.

Kojima also looked fondly upon Minegishi and gave a short, but touching speech about her graduation. "Mii-chan, congratulations on graduating! When I think back, you didn't get to go onto your favorite variety show since you were going to school; we told you all about it backstage. Since I also graduated from high school, I understand how difficult it is to balance (being an idol) with your schoolwork. Let's make the memories that you didn't get to make in high school together," she said, handing Minegishi a beautiful bouquet.

As for the special lady, in whose honor this fete was held, she revealed herself to be a thoughtful young woman. Reporters had asked her about what her plans were like now that's graduated from high school. Minegishi replied, "I'd like to have a fresh new start by quietly graduating as a student, and then doing the best I can at work. My goal is to expand the breadth of my occupation and to challenge various kinds of things as an adult woman."

Congratulations, Minami!


Source: Mantan


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