Tsunku becomes a father again to a new baby girl!

March 18, 2011 @ 9:03 pm
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On March 18th, Tsunku wrote on his official blog about the birth of his third child.

His third child was born on March 16th at 7am; two weeks before the scheduled due date. It was a healthy baby girl, weighing a little less than 2500 grams. Both the mother and child are said to be doing well.

While the rest of the country is in a somber mood due to the Great Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunku didnt know when would be the most appropriate time to reveal such news. However, many fans on his official fanclub site that knew of the news commented, Why do you need worry about how others will feel when talking about something as happy as this!?, and so he updated his blog.

While still feeling concern for those troubled, he started off with, There may be people who are hurt due to this post because of the current situation, but please forgive me, and then he continued to write a charming post about his three children.

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