Aibu Saki reveals her "fat" figure for "Rebound" drama

April 18, 2011 @ 12:21 pm
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Actress Aibu Saki showed off her transformation into a "fat" 78 kg version of herself for the new drama, "Rebound", which will be shown onWednesdays at 10:00 PM on NTV.

The makeup process to turn Aibu obese takes approximately two hours a day, and reflecting on her experience of being "bigger", the actress expressed surprise that, "My voice becomes deep, perhaps because my vocal cords are pressed down by the thickness of the flesh around my throat. I was a little shocked myself."

"Rebound" is a drama about a girl who goes through elementary, middle, and high schools being obese, and revolves around her fight to shed her excess flab while dealing with work and love. Aibu plays the main character in three different weights, with a maximum of 78 kg, and reflected on her trying experience, saying, "It was harder to move my body than I had imagined. I was a little worried. There was also considerable stress on my skin. It was like I was on land in a wet suit and my skin could not breath".

When Aibu sent her mother a picture of her fat self, "[She] received the reply, 'If you work a little harder you'll look a little like mom'. [Her] mom is a little chubby (laughter)."

The drama also features actress Kuriyama Chiaki, who plays Aibu's close friend from school, Kazuchi Ryo, her college ex-boyfriend, and Hayami Mokomichi, the pastry chef who becomes her new flame. Other members of the cast include Wakamura Mayumi and Nishiyama Maki, who play the editor at Aibu's workplace and a magazine fashion model, respectively.

"Rebound" will use the subject matter of dieting in order to explore questions such as, "Does thin equal beautiful?", "Where does fat tend to accumulate?", and "What is the true meaning of beauty?", and will definitely highly appeal to female viewers.

Source: Oricon Style


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