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Amuro Namie's collaboration album "Checkmate!" takes first on Oricon daily album chart

April 27, 2011 @ 7:19 pm
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Noted as the "Queen of Jpop", Amuro Namie has finally released her newest collaboration album "Checkmate!" The album has topped the Oricon daily album chart with over 93,000 albums being sold on the first day.

Amuro Namie's debut album "DANCE TRACKS VOL. 1" was released back in 1995 and sold a total of 1,856,000 copies creating a sensation. Her most recent album "PAST < FUTURE" released in 2009 sold over 582,000 copies. Both albums have topped the Oricon album charts and with "Checkmate!" reaching number 1, it marks Amuro's 8th album at the top.Amuro has broken a record with her past album "PAST < FUTURE" being the first female artist to top the charts in three decades - her teen years, 20's and 30's. No other female artist has been able to do that and Amuro Namie is the first and only one so far.

"Checkmate!" features 9 songs in which Amuro collaborated with other artists in the past. She has collaborated with AI, DOUBLE, and m-flo. The albumalso includes 4 new songs featuring artists such as NEWS's Yamashita Tomohisa, AI, Tsuchiya Anna and AFTER SCHOOL.

Source: ORICON


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