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EMI MARIA uploads a special PV for "Proud"

April 12, 2011 @ 12:13 pm
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R&B singer-songwriter EMI MARIA uploaded a special music video onto Victor Music's official YouTube channel, showing her support for the victims of the Tohoku earthquake.

The song "Proud" was featured on her recent album, "BLUE BIRD" - which was released just two days before quake - but has not had a PV until now.

"I originally sang this song about what I felt when I visited Papa New Guinea, where I lived until I was five years old and hadn't visited for eighteen years," EMI MARIA confessed.

After witnessing the destruction of the earthquake, however, she decided that it would be better to provide people a way to feel what she felt upon hearing the horrible news, and about the feeling of wanting to do something for others.

Check out the PV below!


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