It's like a dream with Shinkawa Yua in Weekly Playboy

April 15, 2011 @ 8:47 am
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Young actress and idol Shinkawa Yua is showing off her beauty in a dreamy new pictorial for the latest issue of Weekly Playboy.

Shinkawa already made her drama debut back in 2008 in an afternoon drama special called "Chonan no Kekkon", but it was only in 2010 when she wowed all the readers of both "Shonen Magazine" and "Young Magazine". This resulted in her to become "Miss Magazine 2010" and gave her the boost to start off her career at full throttle.

Just before becoming the Miss Magazine of 2010, she also made a silver screen debut in the movie "Matataki" starring Kitagawa Keiko and Okada Masaki. Right now she is a frequent guest on various variety and quiz shows and is working to improve her acting in order become a great actress like her idol Amami Yuki.

In the Weekly Playboy pictorial below you can once again see for yourself why a girl like her was able to wow so many readers. Enjoy!

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