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Posted by 0 pt Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Matsuyama Kenichi holds press conference for his marriage with Koyuki


Yesterday, tokyohive reported the marriage of Matsuyama Keinichi and Koyuki and today, Matsuyama held a solo press conference. Below is the Q&A between Matsuyama and the reporters.

-- When did you two start dating?
"We started our relationship in April 2009, Ever since we started dating we always considered to get married. Our encounter was through "Kamui Gaiden", and we started going out for dinner and stuff."

-- What made you attracted to Koyuki?
"She is very straight. She doesn't havetwo sides...very straight in our ordinary life."

-- Did you mind the age difference?
"No, the age difference doesn't matter, but sometimes, I was surprised that we had some differences in our experiences and values. I could sayI'm a little whipped by her. When I make a mess in the room, she scolds me. But still she has many things I don't have, and I think I have thins she doesn't have."

-- What was the most surprising thing about her?
"She loves taking a bath, so she takes a bath three times a day... I wonder if she's gonna be angry because of this revelation...? We don't take a bath together though."

-- What was her reaction when you asked her about dating seriously?
"She said, 'Are you sure you, could we handle that?' I understood that I was still lacking many things, but I kept pushing her franticallysince she was very precious to me. I wanted to face with all the challenges."

-- How do you guys call each other?
"By name. We have been living together even when we were just dating, but I'm trying to seek something new about her."

-- Is her cooking good?
"It is. I gained weight just because I'm trying to make my body bigger for a role. If this is just a 'Happy fat', then I would have been fat way before."

-- Are you planning to have kids?
"We are. We are thinking to have kids soon if that's possible, but we will discuss more about it together."

-- When made realized that you two are now married couple?
"When Koyuki went to the election, her last name was Matsuyama. I hope we can have happy life with our future kids while supporting each other."

-- What about your wedding ring?
"I already gave her engagement ring, and just ordered a wedding ring. The jewel on her engagement ring is not very usual. I picked something that would suit her...but it's a secret what kind of jewel it was, and the price is also a secret."

-- Are you two planning to holda wedding ceremony and honeymoon?
"We are not planning to hold a wedding ceremony, but we both love traveling so if our schedules match, then we may be able to go on a honeymoon."

-- Did your feeling toward your job change after marriage?
"I want to cherish both my job and private life, so I try to make both well-balanced. I want to work harder from now on."

-- Are you sure this is not a joke since your marriage registration day was on April Fools Day?
"No way!"

Source & Photo: Oricon

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