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New idol unit "AeLL." holds their debut event

April 30, 2011 @ 1:15 pm
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Gravure idol, Shinozaki Ai is the center of new idol group, "AeLL" (pronounced 'yell'). The group held their debut event on the 29th at Tokyo Tower Records in Shinjuku.

The groups name, "AeLL." mean "Activity eco Life with Love". With the exception of doing lives, they strive to confront today's environmental problems.

Leader, Nishi Erika (22) said that even though they just started and have a ways to go, they are different from other idol groups and plan to keep going forward. She hopes that they'll get to appear on music show, "M Station", and Japan's biggest end-of-the-year music competition, "Kohaku". Erika wants AeLL to help bring courage to Japan.

The members of AeLL are Shinozaki, Nishi, Tanaka Kumi (17), and Shijo Haruna (17). They formed in January of this year. They joined 2 marathon's earlier this year and plan to help clean up Mt. Fuji. During an interview the girls are said to have a harmonous aura and "seem to be really good friends" (Nishi). They're always playing around. Shinozaki always wanted to be a singer and said that (the song) is light and poppy, it's a song that kids and elderly people can enjoy.

During their event, the girls had a chance to talk with their fans and take photos. They were all teary eyed as they announced their debut single, "Ecology Monkeys/Chu! Chu! Hareru yeah". The single released on April 29th and is available on Tower Records online and Shinseido.

Shijo said, "I didn't think this many people would come. I'm so happy."

The girls even have their own Official Facebook page, so they can interact with their international fans.

Source: Oricon, Official Facebook


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