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Three AKB48 girls head to Hong Kong for Jackie Chan's Japan Relief Project

April 2, 2011 @ 7:14 am
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On April 1st, AKB48 members Matsui Sakiko, Umeda Ayaka, and Maeda Ami went to Hong Kong to participate in a Japan Relief Project called Love Beyond Borders 311, produced by actor Jackie Chan.

The event began at 7 PM and the three girls of AKB48 were just one of the guest artists to perform in Hong Kongs Victoria Park. The event had a marathon fundraising method to raise money for disaster relief.

Jackie sent a message to the victims of the earthquake, Many people have lost families and homes due to this disaster in Japan and we continue sending our greatest condolences. The difficulties in the future are more than anyone can imagine. There is no border when it comes to love and sympathy. Us performers want to send our singing voices across the sea and we hope that it brings some relief and hope to the Japanese people.

Source: Oricon


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