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"Toilet no Kamisama" special drama nominated thrice at "51st Monte-Carlo TV Festival"

April 20, 2011 @ 12:43 pm
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In January,Uemura Kana's hit song "Toilet no Kamisama" was turned into a drama special of the same name starring actress Kitano Kii.

Today it was announced that this drama special was nominated in three categories at the "51st Monte-Carlo TV Festival", a contest that aims to honor excellent information and entertainment shows from around the globe. "Toilet no Kamisama" was nominated for Best Television Film, Best Actress in a Television Film, and Best Director of a Television Film.

"Toilet no Kamisama" is an almost 10-minute long song dedicated to Uemura's late grandmother, and it charted on various top-lists for the entirety of last year. In the drama, Uemuras early childhood was portrayed by child actress Ashida Mana, while Kitano Kii portrayed Uemura during her senior high school days. Iwashi Tashima played her grandmother, andTakezono Hajime directed the special.

Source: Oricon, Monte-Carlo TV Festival


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