X JAPAN's YOSHIKI and Marilyn Manson to work together for Earthquake and Tsunami relief

April 4, 2011 @ 9:15 pm
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Marilyn Manson appeared at the opening party for Vivienne Westwood's Melrose Avenue shop where he revealed that he will be working with X Japan founder Yoshiki on a forthcoming project to benefit the earthquake / tsunami relief in Japan.

"He's a good friend of mine," said Manson while talking about the famed drummer during a Q&A session on the red carpet. After this, Marilyn stated, "I am also working with him on helping out with the benefit for Japan... only because I like their clothes. I got these glasses from Japan."

He added, "My fashion and charity ties together in that I'm very selfish."

Several weeks ago, Manson appeared at Yoshiki' s Asia Girls Explosion event in Tokyo.

"I just narrowly missed the tsunami by one day," exclaimed Manson.

Yoshiki, whose band is getting ready to release its U.S. debut full-length, was still in Japan when a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami struck the northeastern part of the country. He has since offered his custom piano up for auction as a means to raise funds. The drummer launched Yoshiki Foundation America, which raises funds for a variety of charities.

Manson said that he does not know what the details for the project are yet.

"The main point is that we're friends and we're working together," he said. "I'm from the middle west, he's from the far east, so it's like middle west meets far east."

Source: LA Weekly

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