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Yaguchi Mari + Kusumi Koharu take a youthful two-shot together

April 12, 2011 @ 1:04 pm
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Dream Morning Musume
's Yaguchi Mari recently took a photo together with her fellow Dorimusu member Kusumi Koharu, stunning fans with her youthful appearance.

"This time, I took a picture with Koharu-chan," Yaguchi wrote on her official blog. "An energetic eighteen-year-old. Even though I'm twenty-eight, I won't lose to her~ ?".

Despite being almost ten years older than Kusumi, the tiny talento looks about the same age as her friend in the photo.

Fans were impressed by her un-aging face, commenting, "Yagucchan is twenty-eight!?", "Thanks for the cute picture Yagucchan!", and "Yagucchan, you look like you're eighteen too."

Source: Yaguchi Mari's Official Blog


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