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YOSHIKI's crystal piano auctioned off for 11 million yen!

April 28, 2011 @ 2:21 pm
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On April 28th, the auction for X-Japan leader YOSHIKI's crystal piano ended with a winning bid of 11 million and 1000 yen (~$135,000 USD).

The auction for Yoshiki's crystal piano started on Yahoo! Japan on April 17th, and at one point, a bid of 6 billion yen was made, but because the bidder didn't show signs of making the payment, the auction was restarted. This time, if the winning bidder does not follow through with payment, the piano will automatically go to the second highest bidder.

Money generated from the auction will be donated to the 2011 T?hokuearthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

Source: Sanspo


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